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Gas Fire Pit Tables in Ripon, WI


Are You Considering a Gas Fire Pit Table?

As you create your outdoor space, why not add a little something extra?  You deserve to have the space of your dreams. A gas fire pit table could be just the finishing touch your outdoor space needs! At Casual Living Outfitters, we’re proud to carry some of the best-rated gas fire pit tables on the market today. We welcome Ripon, WI residents to visit our showroom, as well as those coming to us from Oshkosh, Appleton, and Fond du Lac. Our experienced team would be happy to walk you through the advantages of a brand-new fire pit, as well as the specifics of installation. Learn more about this exciting addition to your backyard.

What Is a Gas Fire Pit Table?

A gar fire pit table is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. This gas-fueled fire pit table creates both warmth on cool evenings and a gorgeous aesthetic. When you’re not using it as a fire pit table, it can also act as a functional coffee table. Be sure to ask about a burner cover and its proper use! Our team would be happy to give you additional details on gas fire pit tables.

What to know About Gas Fire Pit Tables

If this is your first time investing in a gas fire pit table, there are a few things you’ll need to know. First and foremost, you’ll need to address safety concerns. All reputable fire pit manufacturers will be heavily safety- and quality-tested. Most new models will also have a safety shutdown control that will turn off automatically if it doesn’t sense a flame. Here are some other things to know if you are considering a natural fire pit table:

  • Location: Gas fire pit tables can be safely used nearly anywhere. You may want to place yours on a wooden deck or a concrete patio. Be sure to clear the area of any flammable materials.
  • Do the Reading: Don’t throw out the user manual! Before using your fire pit, we encourage you to read up on the instructions for use. Most user manuals are easy to read and won’t give you too much of a headache.
  • Price: You can find some of the best gas fire pit tables at reasonable prices. A fire pit can add enjoyment, warmth and ambience to any outdoor space.

Our Trusted Brands

Casual Living Outfitters works with some of the leading vendors of gas fire pit tables. We’re committed to quality, and we’ve handpicked these brands for their dedication to durable construction and top-notch products. Learn a little more about our trusted brands:

  • Homecrest: Homecrest features eight exceptional fire pit table collections. You’ll have your pick from natural-looking stone and aluminum materials. Plus, these fire pit tables are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you’re sure to find your perfect fit.
  • OW Lee: OW Lee products are perfect for extending your outdoor entertaining season. These fire pit tables create warmth and add sophistication to any space. Choose from an array of options, with porcelain or aluminum tops.

What Makes Casual Living Outfitters Different

Casual Living Outfitters specializes in outdoor furniture serving Ripon, WI and the surroundings areas of Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Appleton.  Since we got our start back in 2002, we’ve been dedicated to providing our customers the best possible experience. In fact, our number-one priority is offering top-quality products at a great value. With such a commitment to personalized customer service and a wide selection of products, it’s no wonder we’ve become one of the top outdoor furniture stores in the region.

Ask Our Team for More Information

So, does a gas fire pit table sound like the perfect way to complete your backyard? Whether you’re sold or need some more convincing, be sure to get in touch with the team at Casual Living Outfitters. We’re proud to have helped so many Ripon, WI and surroundings area residents elevate their outdoor living space. Our team can help you choose the ideal fire pit table for you, as well as assist with finding seating to complete your space.  Feel free to visit our showroom.

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