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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Furniture

Casual Living Outfitters has sold outdoor patio furniture throughout Ripon, WI, and the surrounding areas for many years. With plenty of industry experience, we strive to provide our valued customers with the answers to their frequently asked questions about outdoor furniture, including POLYWOOD® outdoor furniture, outdoor wicker furniture, wrought iron patio furniture, and more. Below, you’ll find our answers to some of your frequently asked questions about outdoor furniture.

What Is The Best Type Of Outdoor Furniture?

The best outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of sizes and styles, as there is no one-size-fits-all for the “best type” of outdoor furniture sets. Each outdoor furniture type has its own set of benefits. For example, wood furniture won’t require much maintenance in most parts of the country, including Wisconsin, where it’s never too dry for too long. Aluminum outdoor furniture can’t rust, so it’s great for humid or coastal areas. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is heavy and durable, so it’s great for windy areas. When considering the best type of outdoor furniture for you and your unique needs, it’s essential to consider the climate of where you live.

How Much Maintenance Does My Outdoor Furniture Set Need?

High-quality outdoor furniture does not require much maintenance, as it is typically crafted from durable, long-lasting materials. Cheap outdoor furniture may require more maintenance, however. Most modern outdoor furniture can simply be washed down with a garden hose to ensure it remains pollen-free, dust-free, and dirt-free. More specific care instructions will depend on the type of material your outdoor furniture is crafted from, such as aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, wood, or something else.

How Long Does Patio Furniture Last?

High-quality patio furniture is designed to last for a long time. Because most high-quality furniture sets are designed to withstand the various elements, you can expect to get multiple years of use from them. Your patio furniture will last even longer, sometimes more than 20 years, if you regularly cover it for additional protection against the elements.

Does My Outdoor Dining Furniture Need To Be Covered?

While outdoor dining furniture does not necessarily need to be covered, our professional team highly recommends it, especially if you’re a local Wisconsin resident, as the elements here can often be unpredictable. High-quality patio furniture, and even cheap patio furniture, are usually constructed of immensely durable materials. However, you will help minimize the amount of maintenance and care your patio furniture needs and extend its life when you use patio furniture covers.

Will Patio Furniture Sets Rust?

This answer depends on the material your patio furniture was created with. Wood, aluminum, and wicker patio furniture won’t rust, but certain types of metal patio furniture, wrought iron patio furniture, and steel-made patio furniture can. This can happen when manufacturers don’t use the highest-quality materials available. For example, high-quality wrought iron or steel-made patio furniture will be far less likely to rust because of its primer and premier powder-coating applied during the production process at the beginning stages of its manufacturing.

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