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Casual Living Outfitters LLC is a family-owned outdoor furniture store in Ripon, Wisconsin. What began as a hobby in 1998 has grown into a full retail operation dealing exclusively in outdoor patio furniture. The store features 100+ in-stock sets of outdoor furniture, along with the ability to place custom orders.

The business was started in 1998 by Sam Holmes and his daughter Heidi (pictured at right). At the time, the two were co-owners of an insurance agency in Ripon. One day, Sam received a call from a friend who had a problem. The friend, who worked in the outdoor furniture industry, had a storage unit full of extra outdoor furniture samples — but nowhere for them to go. Sam offered to sell the items, his friend agreed, and, after finding homes for a few dozen patio sets, Casual Living Outfitters was born.

Since then, a lot has changed. Sam and Heidi sold the insurance agency in 2001. The showroom that started as a 10′ x 12′ storage unit has blossomed into three sprawling showrooms covering 15,000+ square feet and featuring the best selection of outdoor furniture in the Midwest. Sadly, the small-town businessman who became known as “Patio Sam” passed away in the fall of 2008. Today, Heidi owns and operates the business with help from family. Since the beginning, the goal has remained the same: to provide shoppers access to the highest quality outdoor furniture at small-town prices.

Casual Living Outfitters has quietly become one of the top furniture stores in the area. Low overhead, personalized customer service, a vast selection, and 15+ years experience are great reasons to shop at Casual Living Outfitters in Ripon.

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Sam & Heidi

Sam and Heidi

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